The Basal Plane

Prehistoric underwater exploration with 4 very different kinds of animal movement:

Centipede: The body segments follow the head, while the legs undulate. When they get close they'll stop and examine you.

Fish: Several shoals each obey boid flocking behaviour, matching speed and angle to the group, while avoiding those closest to them.

Whale-Croc: Just swims around in a big circle rather lazily, paddling a bit. If you don't spot it, look for the hundred metre long shadow orbiting clockwise.

Worm: Slime-mould inspired worm grows filaments in direction of desired travel, while those nodes furthest from desired destination shrink away. Each branching splits in two, so it's more like a mobile bush than a one-dimensional worm.

No real gameplay as of yet. It might turn into a sub-nautica-esque exploration / crafting, or just a swimming simulator. Am tempted to add some form of combat, but the name 'fishticuffs' has already been taken so, I mean, what is even the point.