Without powers, you'd just be running around screaming.

With powers, you'd be running and screaming, but also jabbing at 'Z' and 'X', thinking first: "What's that supposed to do?" then "Well how does that help me?" then "Aha! I get it, I've just got to..." then "Oh... A bear ate me... Stupid game."

Press 'Z' when near a bear trap to render it harmless.
You can then collect it.
Hold 'X' and an arrow key to place the trap.

Press 'Z' to dig downwards, leaving a hole in the floor.
Digging while standing on stone lets you collect stone blocks.
Place stone blocks using 'X'.

Press 'Z' to chill! Animals stop, fires extinguish, and water turns solid.

Hold down 'Z' and run into walls.
I promise you won't bang your head.
Teleport through solid matter.

Hold down 'X' then press arrow key to select a neighbouring block. Then go elsewhere and hold 'X' with an arrow key to place a copy.
Pressing 'X' by itself cancels your clone block. You can't clone onto metal, voids or animals.

Hold down 'Z' and push objects.
Stone and Wood blocks will move if they can.
Some objects such as mirrors also move.
There is no limit to how many objects you can push at once. You are STRONG!

Hold down 'X' and press the arrow key in the direction of an object you would like to pull.
It will turn see-through and then follow you until you release 'X'.
You can push things this way too.

Nothing can see you now!
Bears can't pursue, Cats can't flee.
And you can't use mirrors to check your hair! Curses...

Congratulations: You have major tele-kinetic powers!
Hold 'Z' and press an arrow key.
All movable objects in that row or column will move.

More tele-kinetic powers!
Press 'X' to create a spinny-vortex thing.

You know when you are skidding on ice, and would like to change direction...
Well now you can!

Cat Food
Look at those cats come to you now!
Now they want your attention don't they.

Make the world warmer, melt the ice, burn animals! (Doesn't hurt cats you are carrying).
Might want to find water soon after though.

With these slippers, nobody can hear you! Mines and traps won't spring, crumbly things won't crumble. (But avoid water).

Erm, yeah... Pretty much do what you want now. You have ALL powers!