3rd November 2013 - Post GameCity8

Wow. That was fun. Just spent 4 days exhibiting Maze Of Bears at GameCity. I was only down for two days, but got a bit carried away. In fact, I missed pretty much every interesting talk and event at the festival because I was having too much fun lurking in the Open Arcade showing off my baby, and yacking with the other devs.

Feedback was productive. Watching 40 people get stuck on the same level kind of teaches you that that level needs nerfing or moving later. Unfortunately I lacked the discipline to just shrug enigmatically when asked: "How do I get past this bit?". The award for furthest level completed goes to the kid who spent over an hour to reach level 42, and when asked what he thought of the game said: "Mmmm…" then walked off. I was going to give out a prize for most levels completed, but it would have made more sense to award prizes for most bugs found.

The tldr is that I know the mechanics work, and that once people get past the shonky artwork they are consistently pleasantly surprised at the fact that the game keeps throwing new gameplay mechanics at them.

What play testers say and what they really mean.

But, yeah, enough of that.

More importantly though, was that I got to show it in person to some proper, bona-fide, actual indie game celebs. Namely William Pugh (The Stanley Parable), Mike Bithel (Thomas Was Alone) and Ricky Hagget (Hohokum), who gave me the nicest phrased advice I heard...

     need to feed it some art-love.

17th October 2013

Excited to announce Maze Of Bears is being launched (re-launched / more-launched) at the amazing GAME CITY Nottingham on 19th and 20th October. This may be your only chance to accomplish the following:

Hope to see you there.

PS: If you work for a big, nice games company and want to hire me, I may listen to your offers.

28 July 2013

Update Website - Added:

21 July 2013

Version 0.0013 is now online! Now featuring:

Also fixed a bug where if you push a wolf down a hole it bursts into flames. Felt sad fixing it, because that's what should happen if you push a wolf down a hole.

15 July 2013

Got my first sale today! Admittedly to a work colleague whom I'd been discussing the game with for the last 6 months, but it still counts. Just another 4999 to go and I can quit the day job!

Code count today: 10,000 lines. Taking approximately 350 hours of my spare time spread over 8 months. Bigger than HKTVST, bigger than Attack of the Body Monsters! And the first thing I feel really confident about charging people actual money to play.

24 March 2013

Added Editor. Now it's super easy to build and save levels online.

[Recent Screenshot of Editor]

10th February 2013

Added Bears. Big improvement. Use the same AI for bears and cats, but obviously bears seek while cats flee. Originally it was just gold you had to collect, but it was more fun when the treasure ran away, so makes more sense if the collectables are cats.

1 November 2012

Work began on new project, I have a spooky feeling it will be a big one. Haven't got a name for it yet. Working title: "Mazaaaaaargh!" (Because you are in a maze, and thinking: "Aaaaaaargh!")