I'm stuck on level x!

There is a hint system. Just press the question mark button at the bottom right. Some levels have many hints, and you have to wait a few seconds inbetween each one. Or just skip the level.

It won't let me play past level 30!

You have to buy it. Either by trying to play a level after 30, or via 'Options' > 'Buy'. This takes you to the PayPal page where you buy it. Then next time you log in, in the game, it unlocks everything. If you are struggling, drop me a mail at

I don't have a PayPal account!

They should be easy enough to set up. You just need a bank card.

Can I play offline?

You can download the swf and play on the free bits, but you might struggle logging in for the paid bits.

What Platforms is it on?

Flash. Which works in most browsers on Mac / PC / Linux. If there is a market I'll port it to iOs, Android etc.

You shouldn't need a super fast machine to play it, but if you aren't sure if it will run smoothly on the bigger levels, just try running around a 'Random Play' level and see if the framerate dips.

I found a bug! / I have advice / complaint / praise etc...

Hit me up on Or use the feedback page. Greatly appreciated.

Why all the animal death?

If it helps, you could picture them as Alien / Robot / Pirate / Zombie Bears. That might ethically justify the use of explosives. Also, forthcoming intro story will reveal entire game to be a dream sequence. (That isn't a joke).