If I don't get any feedback at all, I shall quit games development completely. I shall!

If you wouldn't mind letting me know how I did, your views are, like, important etc...

   * Was it too easy or too hard? Where did you get stuck, or bored?

   * Would you buy it for 4 quid? Would cheaper really tempt you? 

   * Should I introduce more powers/blocks/animals earlier, or instead give the player more chance to learn the ones introduced early on?

   * If you didn't like it, was it the type of game, or the execution of the idea?

   * Did the menus make sense to navigate around?

   * Does it need more effort put into graphics, animations and presentation?

   * Would you be happy to mention MazeOfBears on social media?

   * How could I improve the game?

   * How could I improve the website?

   * Should the sequel be called 'Maze of Boars', 'Maze of Beers' or 'Maze of Bras'?

   [Optional contact details...]

Your feedback will be harvested, collated, distilled into a concentrated solution and injected into the reanimated carcass of the next release.