What is HKTVST?

Tired of just reading about ‘Anonymous’? Now in the new game HKTVST, you can hack into corporate networks, steal data, then sell it to contacts you trust, (assuming they aren’t really undercover agents), earn online trust from contacts, build your reputation and arsenal of hacking tools. Choose ethically virtuous missions, or just do it for the money.

And obviously… learn nothing about actual hacking.

* Procedurally generated levels, corporations and contacts.
* Simulated social network of hackers.
* Goal-based progression system with multiple optional challenges.
* Time management features.
* 8 different hacking tools allow for multiple strategies for each mission.
* More menus than you can shake a stick at.

The first 2 of 5 stages are available to play free online.

You might want to check out the video tutorial before you dive right in...

If that got your fingers itching, have a go at the free demo itself below...

Health Warning

This demo is fully playable, and although it has help 'menus' and 'goals' it doesn't explain exactly what you have to click and where, so the learning curve may be a tad vertical. However this is a game about breaking into hostile computer systems, the fact that the menu system is not hugely user-friendly is at least thematically consistent.

Before playing it might be wise to check out the videos here.

Also, there is a cheat mode if you just want to jump in to the missions.

Basically... read trough the 'goals', and start by completing them in order. If you need help, there is a help menu. (I tell people this, but they don't read it, all my play testers just click away, trying to learn-by-doing, and not learn-by-reading, honestly!)

Feedback is gratefully appreciated, either email hktvst@hotmail.co.uk, or tweet with #hktvst.


HKTVST has just been exhibited at GameCityNights, Nottinghams finest Indie Games Festival. I had a booth, and I got to watch people play my games! (And berate them for not playing them properly or reading the manual). At the event I picked up a ton of feedback, (mostly concerning the lack of tutorials) and now feel full of beans and optimism and plans to add things to the game.